Shermans Mississippi Campaign

Grant’s Vicksburg Campaign- Crossing the Mississippi River
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It has several easy-to-read maps throughout the book.

Sherman's Armies in South Carolina (Lecture)

There are no illustrations, but endnotes, a huge bibliography that includes primary and secondary sources, and an index are included. Foster quotes from Confederate and Union military and civilian sources throughout the book.

Sherman's Meridian Campaign: A Practice Run for the March to the Sea

He earned his Ph. Benet Exton, O. They expected to be joined by another Union force moving south from Memphis and supported themselves off the land as they traveled due east across Mississippi. Sherman entered Meridian on February 14 and thoroughly destroyed its railroad facilities, munitions plants, and cotton stores, before returning to Vicksburg. Though not a particularly effective campaign in terms of enemy soldiers captured or killed, it offers a rich opportunity to observe how this large-scale raid presaged Sherman's Atlanta and Carolina campaigns, revealing the transformation of Sherman's strategic thinking.

Sherman's Mississippi Campaign by Buck T Foster

Excerpt Civil War journalist-turned-historian Orville J. Cutrer University of North Carolina Press, Read preview Overview.

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Sherman's Mississippi Campaign [Buck T. Foster] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The rehearsal for the March to the Sea With the fall of. The Meridian campaign or Meridian expedition took place from February 3 – March 6, , from Vicksburg, Mississippi to Meridian, Mississippi, by the Union Army of the Tennessee, led by Maj. Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman. Sherman captured Meridian, Mississippi, inflicting heavy damage to it.

Hess University of North Carolina Press, Jamieson University of Nebraska Press, The Journal of Southern History, Vol. Sherman, between and LC- DIG -cwpb Lieutenant General Leonidas Polk, date unknown.

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Railroads of the Confederacy, A group of Union soldiers tearing up Confederate railroads, photograph. LC- DIG -stereo-1s One remaining landmark is Merrehope.

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General Polk used part of the original home as his headquarters, and it was spared by General Sherman. Photograph courtesy Meridian Restorations Foundation, Inc.

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Sherman, however, was not always so daring and independent, but rather he was a general who profoundly grew and developed during the Civil War. It was on this raid to protect the Mississippi River from Confederate guerillas that Sherman first demonstrated the ability to operate independently deep in enemy territory, far from headquarters.

Battle Of Vicksburg Casualties

Joseph Johnston briefly attempted to hold Jackson, but the Federals reoccupied it. John C. Nathan B. Join t Fight. Military campaign during the American Civil War. Lee, in command of the Department that included Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee, gathered troops to counter the Federal advance. Main article: Yazoo Pass expedition.

It was on this raid that Sherman pioneered the art of destroying Confederate war-making capability. Meridian, where three railroads intersected, was a Confederate strategic point, lying roughly between the Mississippi capital of Jackson and the cannon foundry and manufacturing center of Selma, Alabama. It served as a storage and distribution center for not just the industrial products of Selma, but for grain and cattle from the fertile Black Prairie region to the immediate north. It all presented a tempting target for Sherman who did not want to sit idle waiting for weather sufficient to support the upcoming spring campaign.

Audacity: a simple plan of action, boldly executed.

Grant, had given him. The Meridian Campaign is a case study in such methodology, but certainly not one without enormous risk. Sherman would be marching some miles from his Vicksburg base, living off the land, and exposing himself to a potential Confederate concentration from three directions. Grant knew that any risk was lessened by the fact that Sherman, as the raider, could choose his line of retreat. Audacious commanders take prudent risks in order to achieve decisive results and dispel uncertainty through action. At Meridian and elsewhere, Sherman epitomized audacity.

Sherman knew that his success would depend on speed. Sherman began his march in two columns of a corps each in order to facilitate both speed and foraging. Confederate resistance was light, and Sherman refused to be distracted by minor skirmishes. He pressed forward, precluding the Confederates from disrupting his crossing of the Pearl River, one of the few places where there was a natural line of defense.

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