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A Child Explains Why He Built a Nuclear Reactor in His Playroom
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It is recommended to use experimental data as much as possible two "interactions" with 'known' experimental data are indicated above but others can be added. The Host Institution shall identify Input I , Output O or target of the analysis, as well as assumptions for each step and target uncertainty parameters U.

Nuclear Weapons Primer

The uncertainty from one step should be propagated to the others as much as feasible and realistic. The above described approach based on the introduction of nine steps exercises will allow to develop a benchmark framework which mixes information from the available integral facility and NPP experimental data with analytical and numerical benchmarking. Such an approach will compare and assess the current uncertainty methods on representative applications and simultaneously will benefit from different approaches to arrive at recommendations and guidelines.

These nine steps exercises will be carried out in three phases each covering a two-year period. The first phase will include the first three exercises neutronics , with the final specifications discussed and adopted at a first workshop, held in May in Paris, France.

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A second workshop is planned for April to discusss the preliminary results of phase I, the output parameters and formats for phase II and the prioriities for phases II and III. The workshop will be held in Garching, Germany. The work of the group will address mainly the scientific aspects of the methodologies being developed and demonstrate their validity.

This work will interface with the activities of the CSNI who would later address any licensing issues. To summarise, uncertainty analysis in modelling UAM is to be further developed and validated on scientific grounds in support of its performance, in addition to LWR best-estimate calculations for design and safety analysis. There is a need for efficient and powerful analysis methods suitable for such complex coupled multi-physics and multi-scale simulations. The proposed sequence of benchmarks will address this need by combining the expertise in reactor physics, thermal-hydraulics etc.

Saltelli, M. Ratto, T. Andres, F.

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UN 0802 – Nuclear Reactor Physics

Gatelli, M. Saisana, S. In this post as I promised we will talk about reactivity feedbacks.

Coupled Multi-physics and Multi-scale LWR analysis

To brush up your memory, reactivity is defined as:. Continue reading Why don't nuclear reactors go kaboom? Nuclear reactors contain tons of fissile material and nuclear bombs contain only kilograms of fissile materials, so why does one of them explode with enough force to flatten a city but the other doesn't?

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I will pull out some latex skillz and geek it out with equations to describe the physics behind whats in nuclear engineering is called reactivity excursions or RIA Reactivity Insertion Accident. The level of these blog posts will be such that an interested and fairly math savy person can understand and calculate these kind of things on their own. Perhaps it is worth taking a look at what recriticality means, how likely it is and what it would mean if the cores goe critical.

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Methods and approaches to provide deedback from nuclear and covariance data adjustment for improvement of nuclear data files, SG - Read More. Category Commons Portal. Fission yield covariance generation and uncertainty propagation through fission pulse decay heat calculation - The nuclei of atoms are composed of protons, which have a positive electrical charge, and neutrons, which are electrically neutral. Gatelli, M.

These posts will contain some maths and give some insight into basic reactor physics. We will look at two different cases, in the first case the core has melted completely and is as a molten puddle or bed of "gravel" at the bottom of the vessel. In the second case the fuel rods are still mostly geometrically intact while the control rods have melted.

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The primer provides a starting point for the reactor engineer who uses SCALE/ TRITON for lattice physics analyses; the SCALE/TRITON manual provides. SCALE/TRITON Primer: A Primer for Light Water Reactor Lattice Physics Calculations (NUREG/CR, ORNL/TM/21). On this page: Publication.