Feminism Confronts Technology

Feminism confronts technology
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Are South Koreans working themselves to death?

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Published by National Book Network. Little evidence exists to suggest that globalization works to the advantage of the underprivileged; technology is also mired in, and controlled by, the interests of the powerful. Average Review. Thus, unlike Silbaugh, she is wary of using neoclassical methods for advancing women's rights. About the Author : Nancy Lublin is pursuing a J.

Competition for jobs is intense -- and it has only become more so thanks to government programs to bring more women into the workforce. Although the country's education gap is all but closed, women earn less than men in the workforce and are poorly represented in government. In November , the Ministry of Gender Equality revealed a five-year plan to expand female representation in ministries, government enterprises, and public schools. Last February, it was proposed that the plan be extended to the private sector to incentivize large conglomerates to hire more women and change the male-centric corporate culture.

https://nicocpostwebt.tk But some men say these measures are giving women an unfair advantage. Park points to women's universities as another example. In South Korea, there are more than a dozen women-only universities and no male equivalent. Some of these schools offer courses in highly coveted professions like law or pharmacy -- and as the country caps the number of law students, the more places that go to women, the fewer there are for men. In her report published last year, researcher Ma said South Korea was in a time of "infinite competition where it is impossible to find a stable job.

The conflict is being exacerbated by the internet, where casual misogyny is being normalized, said Ma. Ma found that men who learned about feminism online were more likely to be anti-feminist than those who acquired information offline.

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She was also surprised to discover that higher-income and higher-educated groups were just as likely to hold anti-feminist views as their lower-income and lower-education counterparts. Ex-South Korean soldier says he was abused for being gay And while their fathers saw woman as needing protection, Ma found many younger men believe it's women who now hold the power.

For them, the MeToo movement, mandatory military service, and government programs for women's advancement are signs that the playing field is tilting against men. Only two years ago, men in their 20s overwhelmingly supported President Moon. The trend -- which could be explained by the President's perceived feminist leaning -- has prompted some to seek out politicians that reflect their views.

But when they look, they find there are few options. Protesters demand fair trials for men accused of sexual assault at an anti-feminist rally in Seoul, November One is Lee Jun-seok, a year-old senior member of centrist Bareun Mirae Party, who has publicly accused feminists of making an unfair grab for privilege at the expense of men.

A series of YouTube videos titled "a feminist being destroyed by Lee Jun-seok in debates," have more than 4 million views and tens of thousands of comments, almost all praising Lee. That's because, currently, no political party is exploiting the growing number of disgruntled men. Lee suggests a party with a strong anti-feminist message could emerge at next year's general election, just as right wing groups surged in Europe.

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For now, Bareun Mirae's efforts to attract young men seem to be paying off. According to a Gallup Poll earlier this year, men in their 20s and 30s were Bareun Mirae's biggest supporters. Possible questions include: How are knowledge claims legitimated? What is seen as proper knowledge? Where, when and under what circumstances is knowledge recognised as knowledge?

How are institutional and epistemological questions intertwined? What links and differences exist between feminist and non-feminist knowledge practices? How can we contribute to the production of emancipatory knowledge? We especially welcome approaches that consider additional axes of power, such as decolonial, queer and intersectional analyses.

Feminism Confronts Technology

Additionally, we invite contributions that discuss the role of critical engagements with knowledge production, evaluation and dissemination in contemporary Europe, as well as ones that reflect on how such critical engagements can provide us with hopes and strategies for the future. The book was noteworthy in that it covered such a range of health and sexuality issues, including sexual orientation, birth control, pregnancy, violence and abuse, menopause and ageing. Transnationally, it has been one of the most important books since the second wave feminist movement.

It aimed at empowering and coping with constraints on different levels, not only within the public space of professional institutions but also within private spaces of self-help and mutual support. In the meantime, some of the issues the book raised have transformed mainstream discourses in health politics, such as global claims on reproductive rights and national and transnational guidelines for the inclusion of women in preclinical and clinical tests. Inadequate access to both physical and mental healthcare is still very much related to gender, race, class and other intersectionally connected categories of inequality.

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However, the political character of the feminist health movement has transformed gender itself. Feminist inquiries bring into focus Transgender Studies, Food Studies, Disability Studies, Biopolitics and other fields that relate to questions of caring, coping, healing and well-being within intersectional and transnational perspectives. Seemingly, technologies of reproduction are becoming commonplace in the Global North and are simultaneously creating megastructures of economic disparity. They are creating global networks of caring and reproducing, with striking similarities when compared to animal breeding.

Care in its broad sense is also connected to gender, ethnic, geographical and racial disparities. We welcome papers that address concepts and practices of healing, coping and caring in a broad range of settings and contexts and invite scholars from a variety of disciplines e. Feminist research in various disciplines and feminist theory as a heterogeneous research field have held ambiguous positions in relation to the theoretical mainstream. Being the 'other', being at the margin, being subjugated but rebellious knowledges, feminist theories have always challenged dominant research paradigms and epistemic, political and moral horizons.

This stream considers perspectives on belonging and othering specifically in the working contexts of heterogeneous and globalized societies.

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Taking into account an intersectional perspective and assuming power relations as systems of oppressions and granted privileges, this stream welcomes contributions that deal with:. Inicio Difference, diversity, diffraction: confronting hegemonies and dispossessions de en es fr pt. Inicio Difference, diversity, diffraction: confronting hegemonies and dispossessions Convocatoria de ponencias Europa Fecha s Difference, diversity, diffraction: confronting hegemonies and dispossessions 10th European Feminist Research Conference. Anuncio 10th European Feminist Research Conference: September , Goettingen, Germany Argument The overall theme of the conference is "Difference, Diversity, Diffraction: Confronting Hegemonies and Dispossessions", which refers to a topic central to Gender Studies: the social construction of difference and inequality on the one hand, and the recognition of marginalised experiences and subject positions on the other.

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